General Questions

General Questions


What is Yugster?

Yugster is a website that sells cool stuff (well, mostly cool - some obviously dorky) at prices that cannot be beat. A product on Yugster is Yours Until Gone!

How Does Yugster Work?

Every day we offer awesome new deals. We generally have a limited quantity available and when they sell out, they are gone for good. Once you sign up with Yugster, you will receive daily emails with the special deals we have and access to special members-only offers that you won't find on the website.  

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Nothing too much, but we do have other fun stuff going on periodically. Junk Boxes, Contests (with awesome prizes like brand new iPads, laptop computers, and Amazon Gift Cards) and special deals in our Wednesday “Hump Day” and Friday “TGIF” emails. Join the fun and get your friends involved. They might become addicts but they will thank you for it!

What Makes Yugster So Great?

Our pricing! Yugster makes every effort to have the lowest price on the internet on the day we offer a given product for sale. This means that you will not find a lower price anywhere from a reputable seller for an identical product. It is possible, on occasion, that you may find a lower price for the same thing on an eBay listing or auction site, but we can't gauge the quality of the product, the company or their service, so we don't even compare our product prices to them.

Why Should I Sign Up for Your Daily Emails?

By signing up for our daily emails, you'll be among the first to know about our amazing deals. We’re working 24 hours a day to track down the best deals on items our members love. Our special emails for members only – the Wednesday “Hump Day” email and our Friday ”TGIF” email give you even more chances to take full advantage of all that Yugster has to offer.

How can I contact Yugster Customer Service?

Chances are, the answer to your question can be found right here in this nifty FAQ. Feel free to search using the search bar above and find the answer to your question.’s Customer Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm MST. CLICK HERE if you would like to go ahead and contact Yugster Customer Support directly. 


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    The SGH-I537 on your Web site today, is this the ATT version?

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    dronester 1

    I find the above 4 (not bright eno

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    dronester 1

    I find the above comments by Richard D. to be quite trollish and a complete joke. My father and I love Yugster, have no complaints about anything we've ordered, and recommend that no one pay any attention to this poor man's rants. Of course, any rational person can see it's just a guy, probably with a hangover, that has an issue with an order (likely $9.97) he made and is making up thing as people on the internet do, I'm just surprised he didn't claim a relative on the Supreme Court or something! Hah!

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    Ryan Fisher


    Thank You for writing into Yugster Support, I am sorry if there has been confusion around your account, or you ability to purchase on our site. I attempted to locate any open tickets on your account through the email you used to supply your comments above, and I only found 1 open ticket in which you did not supply us with any information concerning your account, any transaction id or number, and when looking further into your account I was unable to find any active transactions.

    We responded to your ticket within 18 minutes of you submitting your ticket, requesting more account or order information, and instead of working with us to resolve any issue you ignored us and then blasted us here.

    Please respond to the email we sent you on 1/22/15 with more account information, and a transaction ID, and we will be better able to help you with your concerns.


    Thank You

    Yugster Support


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